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Eikichi Yazawa is a romantic!

Since it is written in Google translation, please understand that there are places where conversion is quite strange and I do not understand the meaning.

 Father-in-law (80s) was hospitalized for cerebral infarction.
That’s why it’s no longer a blog.

 My father-in-law’s condition has settled down, so I want to write a blog because I’m curious about the topic of the world became.

 Introducing Eikichi Yazawa from the previous article. I ’m worried that I ’ll receive a talk from a big fan, I want to write a personal impression of Ossan.

 On September 14, 2019, Eikichi Yazawa became 70 years old.
Nowadays, I have a chance to watch it well in commercials, and it is still young and cool. I’ll be a good example
I’ve been paying attention as a man for a while, so if I can take even one step …

Eikichi Yazawa official website
 It is true that the relationship between anti-social forces and the entertainment world has recently been covered in the news, and there are various troublesome problems in the entertainment world. I wondered if it was similar to that era.

 The 60’s and 70’s were Era of confusion , and the popular movies that reflect the chivalrous spirit were popular.
Because the face is mild, for example, “How far do you want to do! If you want to walk around the town for a while, you were dragged into the back alley and raised your Nashinoshino pocket money. Even in the world of rock, the “Rolling Stones” concert in the United States was somehow guarded by Hells Angels, and the “Altamont Tragedy” occurred and became a big problem.

 A similar situation was shown in newspapers and magazines at Eikichi Yazawa’s concert venue, and there was a difficult atmosphere as a place where older brothers and older sisters gathered.
I like Eikichi Yazawa’s music, but I don’t have any fans nearby, so I don’t have the opportunity to profess that I’m a fan of people around me. Even if I did, I thought that I would n’t put you in a group.
 After that, society also entered an era of diversity, the music scene became much more familiar to the common people, junior and senior high school students in the neighborhood could do idols and band activities, and even if they did not take care of a big entertainment office, Although it has become a good time for anyone to open up the possibility of becoming a star, it can’t be wiped out.

 The generation of us Ossan was “Shigeo Nagashima” for heroes and Agameta, so a super-class star would never leave his head.
Speaking of rock stars! It is Eikichi Yazawa .
I personally think that it could be compared to “Elvis Presley” in the United States. The Beatles longed for Elvis Presley.

 Recently I saw his real thoughts and actions on a NHK program. I have a sense of intuition and intuition that I can’t compare with anything else. Yazawa, Yazawa, and objectively see and explain himself. If it says to an expert, it is excellent in self-production.

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 When I saw the process of creating an album by conveying the image of the song with a single word of English and gestures without interpreting at a studio in Los Angeles, I was grateful to NHK for his way of life. I want to say to the engineers and musicians until the end, but the way they interact with respects the other party, and it is a natural feeling that can be shown and respected. After all, I felt that I had positive thinking. Around the 60th birthday of the second half of the program, all the music came in and it felt like “I’m already 60!” Talking about the day until it came, Ossan was very impressed, but I want to be a romantic! ] And … are you romantic enough? Can I someday become an Ossan who understands the real romanticist? …

 When he first heard the Beatles, the lightning ran and wept! ]
I was impressed when I decided to become a rock singer and said at night by train from Hiroshima to Yokohama.
I also became a prisoner of the album 10 years after the Beatles broke up and listened to American bands with my own sense of smell. From that time on, Ossan arrived in search of a response to the band’s performance rather than a song.
I listened to the “Dooby Brothers” called the West Coast Sound, so when I knew that the people involved were involved in the creation of Eikichi Yazawa, Ossan was n’t too lazy! And became proud!

 I was really surprised when I learned that in 1997 we performed with the world’s big artists at the Wembley Stadium in England. That’s that with Rod Stewart, John Bonjovi, and other gorgeous artists! ! “I’m looking forward to seeing more surprises as I look into the future.

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 Recently, I wasn’t driving on the radio, but my kids are getting out of hand, and sometimes I’m excited about driving by playing the song of Eikichi Yazawa.
Since I was too ignorant about Eikichi Yazawa , it was a rather sloppy introduction, but I would like to continue to introduce various aspects of the song and his future, thank you.
 Also, recently, a strange translation has been introduced to the story of the artist and Ossan, but isn’t it the best way to introduce EikichiYazawa to the world? I thought. As a fan, I feel like introducing it to a friend … If People who don’t know Eikichi Yazawa in the world will be happy if they know it on Ossan’s blog without this name.


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